Ant runners is a new running group started in 2021 from a group of friends in India and abroad. We provide virtual running guidance and counseling for everyone ,whatever your ability or time availability. We believe running / jogging is more fun and easier to become part of your lifestyle when shared with others.

What Does an Ant Symbolize

An ant is a symbol of strength, diligence, willpower, honesty, unity, patience, determination, stamina, sacrifice, and loyalty. Despite its minute size, the ant as a spirit animal possesses an immense strength of accomplishment, reminding you that nothing comes easy in life without putting any effort.

Just as an ant lives and works in a group, we too, prefer working in a team to attain a common goal – to be fit. Our primary focus is on building a strong running community and continuously improving it.

Learn from an ant

Ants teach us the necessity to plan and look ahead. They store their food during seasons of plenty, so that they will have adequate amounts in times of scarcity. Ants know that they can accomplish more by working together than by working alone.